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You are the skier. Clear the flag gates and slide to the goal.

How to Control

Tap the "TURN!" button above, the skier will change direction. (This button also starts the game or advances screens.)

In addition, you can play by tapping the game screen directly.

The game system and the rules

The skier goes the course diagonally. And changes directions when you press the button.

Many slalom gates (the flags) are installed in the course.
There are two kinds of flag gates. "L" and "R".
L gate flags: The skier needs to go through left sides (as seen in the screen) of them.
R gate flags: The skier needs to go through right sides (as seen in the screen) of them.
It is not matter how far you are from a gate flag when you are passing it, but just on which side of it.

<-------- OK! ------->L gate flag<---- MISS! ---->
↑go through this side.

You can score when you successfully clear a gate,
On the lower left of the screen, five green dots are lining up. They are your lives.
When you miss a gate, you will lose one of these lives.
If you lose all your life, the game will be over.

Also, the game ends in the following cases.

  • · When you rush into the forest next to the course.
  • · Fail to pass through the goal.
  • · Pass the time limit (displayed at the bottom center of the screen).

A course will be cleared when you pass through the goal at the bottom.
Bonus scores will be added according to the remaining time at the goal.
After clearing, you will proceed to the next course.


Aim at making a goal first.
To become accustomed to the operation, do not worry about the gate flags so much, give priority to advancing without clushing into the woods.

The speed of the skier will gradually increase as you leave him, but when you make him to make a turn, it will decelerate.
Drop the speed by repeating frequent turns, such as when it is too fast to meet the flag gate or when it is dangerous.

Two kinds of gates will always appear alternately, such as R after L, L after the R, and so on.
As you predict what the next gate is in advance, the taking over will be much easier.
Let's draw a beautiful spree with a good tempo.


This is a browser game designed for easy play on smartphones. (Of course, you can also play it on a PC.)

This was originally made as a mobile flash game for feature phones. And now we ported it to HTML5.