The real combination of puzzle and room designing!
You are an interior designer.

You are an interior designer.

The real combination of puzzle and room designing!

This is a puzzle game. You decorate stark rooms beautifully by putting blocks with furniture.
Easy operations just to drag blocks of various shapes from the conveyor belt and placing them in the room. Use your head not to the blocks overlap as much as possible.
Once you have successfully completed the room, walk around freely and enjoy the finished work of your design. You can also enjoy sweet / dry comments from customers who requested your job.

There are two game modes.
Simple Mode: Design rooms that appear one after another. How far can you go?
Scenario Mode: This is a mode in which you produce the best rooms in response to the customers' requests with various troubles. Follow the path of a newbie interior designer while enjoying heart worming stories.

Let's become an everyone's adoring interior designer and make your name echo in the world!

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