game screen

How to Control

You can operate with just the mouse, but can also use the keyboard together.

The game proceeds with a turn system. If you do not do anything, the time in the game will not pass. When you take some action, the turn advances and the enemies take actions of one turn.

The physical strength (HP) will automatically recover as the turn progresses. If the HP decreases after being attacked, it is good to walk around to avoid battle with the enemy, fast forward on the spot, to advance the turn and recover HP.

Please refer to How to play for details.


Solid situation RPG with automatically dungeon generating function.
Sneak into METALIX LAIR, and seize POWER SOURCE!

If the game does not start from September 18, 2018: Please reload ignoring the browser's cache. For many browsers, press Ctrl + F5.

About the issues those had occurred since September 18, 2018:
We resolved them on September 20, 2018. You can play the game as before.
If there are any issues those are still going on, please inform us.