Privacy Policy

PointZero Company(us) establish our privacy policy as follows.

We build structure of the personal information protection. We promote protection of the personal information by enforcing the action for and the recognition of the importance of the personal information protection on all employees.

Collection of personal information

In the applications, Web games and other on-line services that we provide, basically we do not collect the personal informations of the customers.

By playing our game contents, informations of the customers such as names, addresses or e-mail addresses, will not be transmitted to us.

But, in the following cases, only the limited necessary informations will be transmitted to us.

  • - The informations such as IP addresseses recorded as access logs to a server.
  • - The payment informations when the customers use payment services for our games.
  • - When we get communications from you by E-mails, telephones or other methods.

How the personal informations are used

We use the personal informations of the customers only for support when we are asked it from the customers themselves.

In the purpose except it, we will not use those informations.

About Displaying Advertisements

Some of our sites and apps display advertisements.

In displaying these advertisements, the programs of the advertisement management companies may collect customers' terminal informations, cookie informations etc., separately from the above purpose.

Also, those advertising programs may save cookies to your browsers.

With regard to these advertising programs, you can set the type of advertisement displayed and disable cookies according to your own settings.

Management of the personal information

We take the necessary measures such as maintenance of the security system, maintenance of the regime and employee education, to keep the customers' personal informations correct and latest state, and to prevent unjust access, loss, damage, manipulation or leak of the informations.

Prohibition of disclosure, provision to a third party of the personal information

We do not disclose personal informations of the customers unless in the any case of the following,

  • - When there is the agreement of the customer.
  • - When we disclose it for the supplier whom we entrust with duties because a customer gives service hoped for.
  • - When it is necessary to disclose it based on laws and ordinances.

Safety measures of the personal information

We take perfect measures against security for accurate and safe securing of personal information.

Inquiry from the person

If a customer requires inquiry, correction, deletion of the personal information, we cope with the matter after the confirmation that the person is the person.

Laws and ordinances, the observance and review of the model

We observe laws and ordinances about personal informations we hold. We review content of this policy appropriately and try for the improvement.


For inquire us, to the following address.

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