game screen
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Bomb Drop!

How to Control

Tap the "Bomb Drop!" button above, and your jet will drop a bomb. (This button also starts the game or advances screens.)

In addition, you can play by tapping the game screen directly.

The game system and the rules

You are on the jet.

The jet itself can not be piloted and flies automatically.

It flights horizontally from the left to the right of the screen, and when it disappears to the right end, it will lower its altitude by one level and appear again from the left end.

On the ground, some enemy towers (cannons) are standing.

When you press "Bomb Drop!" Button, the jet will drop the bomb. When the bomb strikes an enemy's tower, it will be destroyed one step.

By destroying all the towers on the ground, you clear the stage.

If you cannot destroy a tower in time, the jet will hit the tower, and you will lose 1 life.

Wnen you lose all the lives, the game is over.

Blinking round items will appear on the screen.

If you hit a bomb on an item or if the jet body touches the item, the effect of that item is given to the jet.

The effect of the item is maintained until you clear the stage or die.

As you go through the stages, the jet's speed will increase. The current speed of the jet is indivated on the "SPEED" display on the upper right of the screen.

When the jet dies, the speed is reset to the minimum speed.

The bonus score given after a stage clearance, is obtained according to the altitude of the jet at the time of clearing.

Let 's aim for the high score!


This is a browser game designed for easy play on smartphones. (Of course, you can also play it on a PC.)

This was originally made as a mobile flash game for feature phones. And now we ported it to HTML5.