A cute racing game based upon the Aesop Fable!
Race to win as the Hopping Hare!

Once upon a time, a boastful hare challenged every tortoise on Earth to a race to the finish. As the Hare, you must hop your way to the finish line before your tortoise rival does! A cutsey racing game loosely based upon the classic "Aesop's Fables" fairy-tale!

* A simple control scheme in which one precisely timed tap will make the Hare soar! (Available in two Types)

* Music composed by the legendary Shinji "SamplingMaster MEGA" Hosoe of the Japanese video game music company SuperSweep, best for his work on certain arcade titles!

* Acomplish certain feats during a race to obtain viewable "Tortoise Cards", each featuring info about your rivals - some heartwarming, some humorous! Collect them all! (Or not, it's your choice)

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