game screen
control panel




You are the hamster. How far can you go?

How to Control

Tap the "JUMP!" button above and the hamster will jump. (This button also starts the game or advances screens.)
In addition, you can play by tapping the game screen directly.

The game system and the rules

The hamster runs automatically.
If it hits a rock on the course, it will get hurt and the game will be over. So jump over the rocks to avoid collisions.
And there are many sunflower seeds scattered in the course. Getting sunflower seeds accelerate the hamster. The more seeds you get, the faster you will be. But you will decelerate over time. You can get seeds in the air by jumping.
When the limit time displayed in the upper right becomes zero, or the hamster hit a rock, the game will be over.


Forward attention! If you increase the speed too much, collision avoidance becomes difficult. Leaving sunflower seeds as appropriate is a secret to safe driving.


This is a browser game designed for easy play on smartphones. (Of course, you can also play it on a PC.)

The hero hamster is the plush toy appearing in the clow crane game app "Claw Crane Little Pets".

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