Spot finds new pieces of junk every day.
Over 500 kinds of junk items are waiting for you!

Play with Spot and enjoy the stories behind the junk items he collects!

Your friend Spot spends his days happily running around the wide meadow, bringing you various junk items he finds along the way.

Engage in games with Spot to receive the collected items. Remember the sequence in which Spot turns his head and compete in the 'Guess Which Way' game. When you win, Spot lets go of the item and proudly shows it to you.

The odd items that Spot presents to you range from mundane things like bones and worn-out shoes to valuable items like gems and gold nuggets. Take a look at old photos and diaries hidden in abandoned houses, and imagine the comedies and tragedies experienced by their previous owners. The blood-stained handkerchief that Spot brings back one day might serve as a crucial clue in an unsolved mystery. What sad memories might be encapsulated in the small, ownerless ring? Through these unusual objects, catch glimpses of the lives of their past owners.

There are over 500 different kinds of these junk items included. Spot brings a selection of them to you every day. Open the app during brief moments, whether you're waiting for a train, lunchtime, or while standing in line for the restroom, and take a peek at his findings. What will Spot show you this morning? Could the item Spot shares tonight be connected to the one it unveiled the day before yesterday, sharing a common owner?

Why not start adding a touch of enjoyment to your daily routine with the company of Spot? Give it a try starting today!

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Major Update History

Sep. 20231.00.000First release.
Sep. 20231.00.009Added junk and stories (including a story about a gun, wanted poster, etc.)
Oct. 20231.00.030Added junk and stories (including a story about gold nuggets, gloves, etc.)
Oct. 20231.00.200Added junk and stories (including a story about gifts, pedigree, etc.)
Nov. 20231.01.000Added junk and stories (including a story about a treasure map, souvenirs from around the world, etc.)
Dec. 20231.02.000Added junk and stories (including stories about twin sisters, etc.)
Dec. 20231.03.000Added junk and stories (including a time travel story, toy collection, etc.)
Jan. 20241.04.000Added junk and stories (including a phoenix tale, an adventurer story, etc.)
Feb. 20241.05.000Added junk and stories (including a story of a fortune teller and a story about camping)
Apr. 20241.06.000Added junk and stories (including tales about an election, a devil, and exams, etc.)
May 20241.07.000Added junk and stories (including the birdcage story and the no-parking story)
May 20241.08.000Added junk and stories (including tales about baseball, gorillas, the invisible man, and school compositions)
June 20241.09.000Added junk and stories (including tales about bodybuilding and Edward Griffiths's new adventure)

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