A realistic claw crane game reproducing the softness of stuffed toys.
Collect soft sea creatures with googly eyes.

A real claw crane game is reproduced to your smart phone.

This is the 6th of the series that everyone over 6,000,000 people are enjoying.

The special feature in this time is googly eyes.

Those limp stuffed toys now have cute swinging eyes.

The theme is various sea creatures. Pretty crownfish, cool scary sharks, shy clams and so on. The ones which you are familiar with in aquariums or at dining tables will welcome you with their funny eyes.

They are more than 290 kinds. And of course, going to increase still more by updating.

Also, not only the stuffed animals but also the background graphics are improved. They are shiny with the latest technology and became more refined.

The operation is simple. Just keep pressing the movement buttons and release them at good timings. Swipe the screen to look at the prizes from any angle you like.

Let's revenge to the game arcades which makes it hard to get prizes. Take so many prizes to your heart's content.

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Won the 1st place of Google Play arcade games ranking in Japan!

Won the 24th place of iPad family games ranking in Japan.

Won the 2nd place of Amazon arcade games ranking in Japan.

Won the 10th place of Amazon all games ranking in Japan.

Won the 23rd place of Amazon all apps ranking in Japan.

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About the Google Play version

The issue of our apps being unavailable for download on Google Play since March 18, 2022 has been resolved on April 1.
You can play the Google Play version as before. Follow the link above to download and enjoy!

Major Update History

Sep. 20171.00.000First release.
Oct. 20181.01.001Added new prizes: Sea Turtle
Dec. 20191.03.000Added new prizes: Sea Snail
Jan. 20201.03.110The textures of the prizes and background have been improved.
Feb. 20201.04.000Added new prizes: Lobster
Mar. 20201.05.000Added new prizes: Jellyfish
May 20201.06.000The bending condition of the prizes are now saved.
June 20201.07.000Added new prizes: Seahorse
Oct. 20201.08.000Added new prizes: Eel
Aug. 20211.10.000Added new prizes: Sea Slug
Dec. 20211.11.000Added new prizes: Anglerfish

Detailed Functions

How to Play <- Instruction manual for this game.

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