A realistic claw crane game reproducing the softness of stuffed toys.
Get lucky dolls studded with gorgeous gems and be happy!

A real claw crane game is reproduced to your smart phone.

This is the 7th of the series that everyone over 6,000,000 people are enjoying.

Speaking of 7, it's Lucky Seven! To commemorate this auspicious number, we have made this app for wishing the good lucks of all the players.

The prizes are good luck charms and lucky animals of all the ages and countries. Four-leaf clovers, ladybugs, unicorns, and so on. A variety of cute plush toys that will bring you good luck. The more you play, the more lucky you feel!

And these stuffed animals are studded with colorful gemstones. And there are three types of materials, felt, foil, and leather, which give them a little mature looks.

They are 216 kinds of numbers. And of course, going to increase still more by updating.

Furthermore, this time, we welcomed Ayako Saso of Super Sweep (A.K.A. SamplingMasters AYA, well known for rhythm games such as "Beat Mania 2 DX" or "STREET FIGHTER EX" series.) in the sound design. Leave yourself to the comical and mysterious atmosphere that the new musics bring and enjoy the arcade feeling.

The operation is simple. Just press the movement buttons and release them at good timings. Swipe the screen and look at the prizes from any angle you like.

Let's revenge to the game arcades which make it hard to get prizes. Get so many prizes to your heart's content. And have lucky days!

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Major Update History

Feb. 20211.00.000First release.

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