A realistic claw crane game with soft plush toys.
Collect soft plush dolls of pretty, tasty looking sweets.

Do they look yummy, or a little weird?

A real claw crane game is reproduced to your smart phone.

The 3rd of the series that everyone over 5,000,000 people are enjoying.

This time, we present you the speed-upped operability, and the maximum number of the prizes.

The prizes are various kinds of stuffed toys of confectionary that are very soft and limp. Realistic soft feel invites you into the unique sweet world.

They are 222 kinds of numbers. New tastes come up every day. Let's aim at the completion of the collection.

The operation is simple. Just press the movement buttons and release them with sufficient timing. Swipe the screen to look into prizes for a favorite angle.

For the ones who felt mortified for having not been able to get prizes at a game arcade. Get as many prizes as you want in this game.

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Major Update History

Sep. 20131.00.000First release.
Feb. 20161.02.000Added new prizes: Baumkuchen
Mar. 20161.03.000Added new prizes: Bagged Snacks
May 20161.04.000Added new prizes: Jellies
Sep. 20172.00.000Added new prizes: Milkshake
Made the background shiny.
Nov. 20182.01.000Added new prizes: Bread Slice
Oct. 20192.03.000Added new prizes: Wedding Cake
Feb. 20202.04.000Added new prizes: Croissant
May 20202.05.000Added new prizes: Madeleine
May 20202.06.000The bending condition of the prizes are now saved.
June 20202.07.000Added new prizes: Marshmallow

Detailed Functions

How to Play <- Instruction manual for this game.

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